9 Awesome Third-Party Accessories for a Simplisafe Smart Home

Alexa EchoWhen I was looking into the Simplisafe smart home I wondered whether there were any really great third-party accessories out there that could fully integrate into my smart home, and make Simplisafe even better. So, I did a little research to discover the top 9 smart home accessories.

So, what are the top nine awesome third-party accessories for a Simplisafe smart home?

  1. Amazon Alexa
  2. August SmartLock
  3. Nest Thermostat
  4. MyQ Smart Garage Hub
  5. Phillips Hue
  6. Logitec Harmony Remote
  7. Awair
  8. Green IQ Smart Garden Hub
  9. Apple TV

Most people that want to fully outfit their smart home initially start with something like SimpliSafe which is smart system largely concerned with home security, acting primarily as your security and alarm system. However, if you want to have a fully integrated smart home, there are a few additions beyond SimpliSafe that can ensure that your home runs smart.

1. Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa

What could go better with your smart home security system than a robot servant that does everything for you? No, I’m not referring to Rosie from The Jetsons. The future is here people, you can have your very own robot assistant who does your verbal bidding; her name is Alexa.

The Amazon Alexa already has built-in commands and functionalities with the SimpliSafe security system. Alexa was fine-tuned for communication with this system before Google ever was.

Because everything is “smart” these days, it comes with a handy little app for you to manage, adjust, view settings, and a whole bunch of other “handy” little things. That’s all very good and well, but how can you really have a fully integrated and automated smart home without a universal controller? Cue the Amazon Alexa.

With just your voice you can manage every aspect of your smart home, even your SimpliSafe security system. No, I am not kidding, you can do everything with just your voice.

Unfortunately, if Ursula has stolen your voice, then this option will not work for you (please say that you got the Little Mermaid reference). But for the rest of you, the Amazon Alexa is the much-needed assistant to make your smart home run even smoother.

Your smart home without the Amazon Alexa looks a little something like this:

  1. You snuggle underneath the covers peacefully until you are jarred awake because you just realize you forgot to set the SimpliSafe alarm system.
  2. Of course, you can set it on your app, but your phone is way over there and you don’t remember the app password anyway.
  3. You sleep fitfully because you just binge watched criminal minds and without the alarm on you could reasonably be murdered in your sleep.

Ok, that is a terrifying world to live in. Take it from me there is a better way.

Now, with the Amazon Alexa this is how the same scenario would play out:

  1. You snuggle peacefully under the covers when you realize you don’t know if the alarm system is set.
  2. No sweat, all you do is ask Alexa whether or not it is set.
  3. Depending on her response, you can either ask her to set it or breathe a sigh of relief. Guess who is protected tonight? You.

Both of these scenarios are in the same world, but there is clearly a winner with the Amazon Alexa in the running.

2. August Smart Lock

August Smart Lock

If you already have the SimpliSafe smart home security system, then the next thing on your list should still be more security measures. You can never go wrong with more security. The August SmartLock is that additional layer of security that will be the cherry on top of your smart home fortress.

The August SmartLock is like the name states, a lock integrated with smart technology. Like your other smart home devices, there is an app where you can monitor, lock, or unlock your home no matter where in the world you are.

The SimpliSafe security system that you already have will directly integrate the locking and arming features of both smart home devices. If you disarm your alarm from your key fob, the August SmartLock will automatically unlock (if you want it to be set that way).

The reverse will happen if you arm your security system. But what if you are arming the system on your way out, will you be locked in? No. There is a 30-second time delay (or however long you set it for) between the arming of the system and the locking of your door giving you an adequate window to actually exit your home.

Because this is a smart device, it will learn your routine, you can set it to lock an unlock at specific times.

Some of you may think that there is not a use for an extra fancy smart lock, especially if you already have an extra fancy smart alarm system. That is where you would be wrong, and the following scenario will better illustrate:

  1. Your significant other spirited you away for a spontaneous romantic getaway.
  2. He did not think about how your pet dog was going to get fed and walked.
  3. You frantically call your neighbor to dig up your spare key and unlock your door. With your SimpliSafe app, you can disarm the alarm, so that’s not an issue.
  4. Uh oh, you never did bury that key.
  5. You either rush home, or you’re going to have to get your neighbor to break your window.

Not pleasant. Not pleasant at all. With the August SmartLock, you can unlock your door for your neighbor anywhere in the world. With the SimpliSafe cameras, you will be doubly reassured that it is, in fact, your neighbor gaining access to your house.

Both the August SmartLock and the SimpliSafe security system working together is the smartest choice for a secure home.

3. Nest Thermostat

Nest Thermostat

Many of you are possibly thinking something like “the audacity to put a Nest product on here.” For the rest of you, nothing even blipped on your radar.

Yes, Nest is a competitor of SimpliSafe. Nest has their own security system, cameras, locks, and more. BUT SimpliSafe was protecting homes before Nest even thought to go into the security realm. SimpliSafe’s focus on security makes their product the ultimate smart security system.

That being said, Nest was producing other smart home products when SimpliSafe was protecting homes. If SimpliSafe’s specialty is in security, then Nest’s specialty is in smart home integration features.

The Nest thermostat is an absolute must-have for the smartest home.

So, you already have SimpliSafe, that means you are concerned about how you feel in your home. The goal is for you to feel safe and comfortable in your own space. How can a smart thermostat not help you feel more comfortable in your own home?

When the Nest Thermostat becomes a part of your home, it will begin to learn the temperatures you like at certain points of your day. With it’s integration with your other smart home features, it will always be the perfect temperature.

What do I mean? Well, if your SimpliSafe alarm system is disarmed so you can leave the house, and then armed after you leave, your Nest Thermostat can know when you leave and come home. If you purchase the August SmartLock it can also confirm based on when you lock and unlock your door.

If you have certain temperature preferences in the morning versus the afternoon, it will learn those preferences.

When you lay down to sleep at night and ask your Amazon Alexa to arm your security system, you can also ask Alexa to adjust the temperature to a more comfortable bedtime temperature until the Nest thermostat learns your schedule.

4. MyQ Smart Garage Hub

My Q Smart Garage Hub

The MyQ Smart Garage Hub by Chamberlain is one of the best garage security systems. SimpliSafe functions great for general home protection, but those thirty-second time delays before the alarm goes off is not great for when you are trying to leave your garage making the MyQ Smart Garage Hub the best garage security choice.

What do I mean by introducing a garage specific security system when you are already integrating with SimpliSafe? Well, it is probably best illustrated by a scenario.

Picture this, you are a mom of three children and all you are trying to do is go shopping. With three kids it is more of an ordeal than a simple errand. If you attempted to secure your garage using SimpliSafe, you would only have 30 seconds to buckle in your three kids and back out of the garage if you pressed arm beforehand.

If you chose to disarm SimpliSafe entirely for this buckling endeavor, with three kids on your mind, who’s to say you don’t forget completely to re-arm not only the garage but your home?

By having a separate security system for your garage, you can remain on top of things AND secure. You can set longer time delays for MyQ Smart Garage Hub.

Just like your August SmartLock, you will also have the option to unlock or lock your garage from anywhere making it easier to lend your neighbor a leaf blower while you are on vacation. Additionally, with security on your mind, the MyQ Smart Garage Hub includes lighting options that you can turn on from anywhere (that’s some real Home Alone action right there).

5. Phillips Hue

Phillips Hue

We’re living in the future now kids. SMART LIGHTS. No more getting up to turn the lights on or off. The Phillips Hue smart lights are a must-have for your SimpliSafe smart home.

From a security perspective, security is like having the lights on. No I mean really having the lights on, this is not just a simile. Your Phillips Hue smart lights can turn on when you disarm and unlock your door. No more fumbling around for that pesky light switch, the lights are already on.

And when you’re away? You guessed it, you can turn your lights on and off from Tahiti if you wanted to (provided you have WiFi connectivity or data). This is much more secure than the ancient timed lights feature in Home Alone.

With predictable features like that, potential intruders know you’re not home. Phillips Hue makes it so you’re in control all the time, from anywhere. But if you do want scheduled lights, with Phillips Hue you can do that too.

6. Logitec Harmony Remote

Logitec Harmony Remote

You’ve been convinced already. You are getting an Amazon Alexa. So, why do you need a remote?

It’s simple: simplicity. Or, in other words, it’s a smarter way (laziness).

The Logitec Harmony Remote allows you to connect multiple smart devices and create several custom settings. For example, say you were going to have a movie night. You have to do (or tell Alexa) to do several things before you can have that movie night.

  1. Phillips Hue lights dimmed (or off)
  2. Nest Thermostat turned down
  3. The SimpliSafe alarm system set
  4. Garage door closed and secured

That’s quite a few things you have to rattle off to Alexa, in front of a potential date no less. Or, you can press the custom “movie night” setting that you’ve pre-created on your Logitec Harmony Remote. In a heartbeat, the mood is set.

It doesn’t just have to stop there, you can create multiple settings, multiple moods.

7. Awair

Awair Air Monitor

Your SimpliSafe smart home system comes with a smoke alarm. There is more to security than just protecting from home intruders. While your smoke alarm can tell you a lot, like that you burnt your toast, it doesn’t actually do anything other than notify you. What Awair brings to the table is that “doing” function.

Awair is a smart device that monitors your air quality. If Awair notices that there is excess dust, CO2, or anything else in the air, it will tell your Nest Thermostat to circulate some air.

You can also track the air quality of your home environment on your app. If your home is a place worth securing, you want to make sure that it is secure for your health.

Awair helps you secure an environment you want to be in.

8. Green IQ Smart Garden Hub

With SimpliSafe you can secure your house with an alarm, with the August SafeLock you can prevent (or allow) individuals access to your home, what can’t smart tech do?

So far we haven’t discussed your property. The Green IQ Smart Garden Hub connects to the irrigation system of your yard or garden. You can set it to come on at certain times, for specific lengths of time.

As a smart device, it will learn the schedule and seasonal changes. At this point, you might be saying that your home is one thing, but does a smart garden device really add value?

When the Green IQ Smart Garden Hub is integrated into your smart device system, it will have the opportunity to communicate with Awair, and your smoke alarm. If either of those react to something harmful, the Green IQ Smart Garden Hub can turn on in response as well.

The water set off in this process could put out a small fire that started outside, or saturate your yard well enough so that if your neighbor’s house is the one burning, your plot is preserved.

How’s that for extra security measures?

9. Apple TV

A SimpliSafe smart home is one that is primarily concerned with security. Everything else on this list is just an accessory with the intent to support that system. However, if you think that an Apple TV is just an entertainment device, you would be dead wrong.

As a support to security in addition to its other capacity as an entertainment accessory, the Apple TV claims for itself a title as one of the best accessories to integrate into your smart home.

There are generally two camps: Apple, or Android. Your stake in either camp is generally the altar people would choose to die over. Regardless, even android users like myself cannot deny the success and supreme capability of the Apple TV.

The functionality of the Apple TV as a user-friendly smart-TV device is almost unmatched. The Apple TV is a little more reliable than Chromecast, and with the Apple TV remote capability, Roku cannot match it in functionality.

With all those comparisons in mind, the Apple TV is the smart TV device that would best support your SimpliSafe home safety and security goals.

The SimpliSafe system allows you to access and view your live camera feeds as well as past camera history on their app or via your web browser once you log into your account.

Security is not something that should be glanced over; you do not want to be squinting on your phone to be seeing what is going on in (or around) your own home.

Now, you might suggest that viewing these live feeds on a browser would be sufficient, but why not on a big HD TV screen? Using the greatest Apple TV feature, the ability to cast what is on your screen onto your TV, you can view your camera feeds on a large screen.

The larger screen can only help you better identify security threats and concerns, or put your mind at ease.

Related Questions:

How does SimpliSafe compare with other smart security systems? SimpliSafe is not, and does not claim to be the most integrated system out there. If you want total smart home integration, this is not the system for you. If you want to be safe, then this system will do a stand-up job.

Does SimpliSafe allow your smart home to be fully integrated and automated? SimpliSafe does not allow your smart home to be fully integrated and automated. It was only in the past couple of months that Amazon Alexa could be integrated. With an IFTTT, SimpliSafe can be fully integrated, however.

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