How To Recondition Old Batteries

Battery Article ImageA frustrating thing to myself and many other people I know is having to replace old batteries from your car, laptop, ATV, Motorcycle, cell phones and the like. A couple of winters ago I neglected to bring my battery operated power tools inside like you are supposed to, and in the spring they were all so dead none would even take a charge.

Then I ran across a little course called the “EZ Battery Reconditioning Course“, that teaches you how to quickly and easily recondition almost any kind of battery you may have. I recommended this course to a friend who used it to restore his completely dead car batter back to like new condition, which saved him multiple times the cost of the course with just that one battery he no longer needed to replace.

This is not the normal kind of article I write for this site. I guess this is sort of a product review article, which I do once in a while. It is just that I didn’t set out to write a review article on this topic. It was a need I had that I found a solution for. And then when I saw how inexpensive the course was, how easy it was to do and how well it worked, I got super excited about it.

How The Course Worked For Me

Battery Course ImageThe first thing I did when I downloaded the course (it comes as downloadable PDF files), was to open the one on how to recondition the batteries for battery powered power tools. As mentioned above I had a bunch that had all died a couple of winters ago. I figured with them all being completely dead for a couple of years, this would be a good test.

When I read through the instructions the process was so simple my first thought was, “could this really work?” I mean it literally took me about 60 seconds per battery, start to finish. Once you do this to each battery, they will then take a charge. So then you stick them on the battery charger and charge them up like normal. The longest part of the whole process was waiting for the batteries to charge up. It worked for all of the power tool batteries I tried it on except one. There was one that still won’t take a charge. But that is a pretty excellent success rate.

And I noticed that a couple of the batteries did not hold their charge very long the first time. And so I continued to use them until they were pretty drained of power an then put them back on the charger again. From then on they have held their charge just like new batteries. I was very impressed.

What Other Types Of Batteries Can You Bring Back To Life?

Car BatteryThe short answer is, most kinds. In fact once I got the course and started reading through the list, I was surprised on some of them. It is truly amazing that all of these kinds of batteries can be resurrected from the grave and be just as good as new. And all you need is a few basic tools that most people already have. And if you do have to buy one of the tools they are pretty cheap to purchase.

In this course it gives you a guide on how to bring back the following different types of batteries. I will list each of the instruction guides in this course below. If you know much about batteries you will notice some overlap. Some batteries for specific purposes are unique enough that they merited their own instruction guide:

  1. Lead Acid Batteries 

  2. AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) & SLA (Sealed Lead-Acid) Batteries

  3. Forklift Battery

  4. Golf Cart Batteries

  5. Lithium-ion (Li-ion) Batteries

  6. Alkaline (C, AA, AAA, N, and 9V) batteries

  7. Cellphone Batteries

  8. Cordless Power Tool Batteries (Nickel-Cadmium (NiCd) Batteries)

  9. Laptop Batteries

How many of these kinds of batteries would you have to bring back to like new condition in order to save you a considerable amount of money? For me the very first battery I brought back to life using the methods in this course paid for the course. Now I have the knowledge and can use it over and over again for all these different types of batteries.

How Difficult Is It To Bring My Batteries Back To Life?

Old BatteryThe short answer is amazingly quick and easy. And I am not blowing smoke here. It really is.

I haven’t had time yet to recondition every kind of battery yet. Honestly I doubt I ever will since there are so many kinds. But the ones I have done were very quick and simple to do. And I have read through most of the other processes and they are simple, straight forward and don’t take much time.

The big thing that impressed me is when you read them they are detailed enough that you can tell that they are the real deal: the processes work. I have proved this already with my own dead (now like new) batteries.

Final Thoughts

If you are still reading and made it to this end of the article, thank you for reading this far. My hope is that this article will benefit you. I know it will save you a lot of money if you use it. Even if you are like me and don’t change your own oil in your car, you will do this. This is so easy to do it really makes no sense to spend the small fortune new batteries cost.

If this article is something you think would be interesting to others that you know, please email it to them and share it on your social media. We really appreciate it when people do that. It really helps us spread the word and grow the website. Again thank you for reading this.

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