Can You Have Multiple Ring Doorbells in Your House?

The Ring Doorbell is a fantastic home device that enhances your home’s security. While most of us have a ring doorbell, the majority of us also have more than one entry door into our homes, such as a walkout basement or an entry point into our garage.

To answer the question, yes, you can have multiple ring doorbells in your home. In fact you can have an unlimited number of ring doorbells under your subscription. 

In this article we will inform you on best practices for having multiple ring doorbells in your house, distinguishing your ring door notification sounds, and the best locations to place additional ring doorbells for maximum security.

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How To Change Ring Doorbell Names and Alert Tones

You may want to consider changing the ring doorbell alarm sound for your additional ring doorbells. This will help you stay organized and know immediately what is happening at each point of entry. Here are five simple steps to change your ring doorbell names and alert tones.

  1. Open the Ring app on your mobile device
  2. Select the horizontal lines in the top-left corner and click on Devices
  3. Select the Doorbell you want to change the settings for.
  4. Click on Device Settings > General Settings > Device Name and change the doorbell name (pro tip: name your doorbell by the location of the device, such as “garage door”)
  5. Go back to Device Settings > Notification Settings > App Alert Tones to choose an alert tone that differs from your first ring doorbell.

Best Locations to Place Additional Ring Doorbells

The best locations to install additional ring doorbells are entry points to your home or property. Typically, these will be exterior doors that are targets for home intruders. Some recommended locations for ring doorbells are as follows:

  • Your front door
  • An interior garage door
  • Porch door or sliding glass door attached to a deck
  • A walkout basement door
  • Storage shed

Ring Doorbell Best Practices

Having multiple ring doorbells can mean more maintenance. You should stay on top of charging the batteries and cleaning the lens of the ring doorbell camera to ensure quality footage. 

You also will want to ensure the ring doorbells are not installed close together, as it could cause interference with the other device. 

Install your ring doorbell so that it captures the widest possible view of an entry point to your home. For example, if you install one on your front door, ideally the camera is pointed straight out from the door so you can see someone walk up to your door before they have the chance to knock. This is especially important if placing a ring doorbell facing your backyard, as you can monitor a large area in your yard.


Does Ring record when WIFI is down? Ring Doorbell does not record or save video if your WIFI is down on the basic subscriptions. Check out our full article on this subject here.

How many Ring Doorbells do I need for my house? This question depends on the layout, size, and location of your home. Typically, 2-4 ring doorbells in more than enough, but if you live in a high crime area with many entry points to your home, you may consider more than this.

Do Ring Cameras take a lot of WIFI? No, Ring Doorbells do not take a lot of WIFI. If you have a modern day internet package, it will be more than enough to handle multiple ring doorbells.

Why does my Ring Doorbell not record at night? Your Ring Doorbell may struggle to record if you place the doorbell in an area with little to no lighting. To improve night time performance, leave on your front door or backdoor lights, and then walk in front of the camera to ensure it is recording properly. For additional support, check out Ring’s customer support queries.

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