Does Nest Hello Come in Different Colors?

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The Nest Hello Video Doorbell is a great product that has high reviews. Some similar products from other brands have a couple of color options to choose from, so many customers wonder if this doorbell does as well.

So, does the Nest Hello come in different colors? As of right now, the Nest Hello does not come in more than one color. It is a black/white combination. However, there are wraps and cases available that can be purchased from other sources to change the color of the video doorbell.

If you would like your Nest Hello to match better with your house, no worries! There are ways to do that after purchasing the Nest Hello!

The Nest Hello Only Comes in One Color

The Nest Hello, a highly reviewed video doorbell, is currently available in one color as of right now.

As the company grows, there might be newer models available in more than one color. The color this doorbell comes in is a black/white combination.

The front of the doorbell is black, while the sides are white, which accent the tech very nicely. It does look nice and sleek, but it does not blend into its surroundings very easily.

This is something that makes some buyers hesitate. The black might not look good on all finishes, or with all colors. My house has a dark brick on the outside that does not look fantastic with the Nest Hello.

The color clash isn’t the worst thing in the world, but since there are other brands that do have doorbells that come in more than one color, it may affect some customers decision of which one to pick.

Why Nest Hello Only Comes in One Color

Black and white is a very safe color combination to release a new product in, especially when it comes to technology. Since the product has widely spread and reliable, it seems like it was a good choice for the company.

The Nest Hello pretty much goes with everything, as long as you aren’t terribly concerned with the appearance of your doorbell.

Then again, companies like Ring Pro has 3 color to choose from, so it seems like Nest Hello SHOULD have a bigger selection.

Nest Hello is relatively new to the market. The business officially launched the video doorbell in March of 2018, which was only a year ago. It has been wildly popular but it still is a young product.

Ring Pro has been around for a couple more years than Nest Hello, so they need a little more time to grow before they expand into more options.

This is one of the reasons, perhaps, why the Nest Hello is yet to have released in more than color. As the years’ progress, it seems very likely that the company will release video doorbells in more than one color.

If you really love all the great things about the Nest (there is a lot) then don’t let the color it comes in sway you. Not just because the Nest is great, but because there are easy ways to change its appearance, and it costs less than $20 or less.

Ways to Change the Color of the Nest Color

You may not be able to buy a Nest Hello that comes in all white, camo, or an ebony wood design, but you can change your doorbell to look like pretty much anything that you want.

As Nest Hello expands, there might be more options for wraps and cases, and the company might start selling doorbells in a range of colors rather than just the one.

There are two main things that you can use to change the appearance, by either using a wrap or a case. Each have their own benefits and downsides; let’s explore what those are.


A wrap for a Nest doorbell is a great option if your primary focus is to change the color/design of the product.

Wraps are almost like stickers when it comes to putting it onto your device. You line everything up, and put the sticky side of the wrap onto the doorbell and ta-da! You have a totally different looking Nest! It’s pretty self-explanatory.

The pros of using a wrap over a case are:

  • There is no added bulk
  • It looks like the device itself is a new color
  • You have a bigger selection

These are really awesome features. I personally like wraps better than I like cases, especially when I am not carrying around my device.

However, there are a couple of downsides:

  • Wraps are a little more permanent/harder to change than cases – since the wraps stick to the device, it’s more difficult to change out if you would like to.
  • They do not offer as much protection for your doorbell – wraps mostly protect from little scratches and don’t really offer any defense from weather or UV rays.
  • They are a little bit more expensive than cases – there is about a $5 difference, so it’s not a huge deal.
  • Putting on a wrap is tricky sometimes – you have to line up everything perfectly to make the wrap look like it supposed to and you have to watch for air pockets.

Some of these things aren’t a big deal, but it may help you make up your mind.

If you are looking to buy a wrap, you can click here. Slick wraps have a lot of great options, from natural looking to more unique and stylish options. The designs are only $14.95, which I think is a bargain.

There are also a couple of other options available through Amazon rather than the Slick Wraps website.

To check out the options, click here! There are some really cool, glammed up wraps available for a good price.


Cases are a great option for changing the look of your Nest Hello while also adding some protection to your device.

These cases fit nicely around to protect and doesn’t have to stick to the doorbell and get the product sticky or gooey like some wraps tend to do.

Here are some of the best things about using a case over wraps

  • You can protect your device from wind, UV, and scratches
  • Easy to put on by yourself
  • The case itself lasts for a long time

Cases are usually only $10 which is nice after investing in the Nest doorbell itself. Some are even cheaper!

There are a couple of things that aren’t as great like:

  • Limited options for cases – instead of plenty of choices, there are probably only 10 total case designs/colors that I was able to find.
  • Sometimes it doesn’t fit well – some reviews on cases report that the fit of the case isn’t always as tight as it needs to be. So when you are picking out the case you want, just double check the review section.
  • It makes the doorbell bigger and stand out a little bit more – cases add to the size and makes the doorbell catch the eye a little bit more, which isn’t always a bad thing.

If the main focus is protection, then choosing a case is the way to go! They also look great and are a simple way for you to change the look of your doorbell.

Speaking of protection, check out our article on can the Nest Hello Video Doorbell Be Hacked:

As Nest Hello expands, there might be more options for wraps and cases, and the company might start selling doorbells in a range of colors rather than just the one.

Related Questions:

Is there a way to change the color of the Nest Hello? By using a case or a wrap, a customer can change the appearance of the doorbell. There is currently no way to get the Nest Hello in another color straight from the company. Wraps and cases work well, though.

Is the video on the Nest Hello in color? The video feed is in color, not in black and white. The video is very clear and not pixelated. Differing models can have different resolutions, so be sure to consult the specs before buying. There is also night vision, which of course changes the colors in the video when it is dark.

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