Does Ring Alarm Have a Siren? How Loud is it?

Ring alarm

If you’re going to get something to protect your home, you would definitely want to know if there was something that could help scare off those that were trying to get in.

Does the Ring alarm have a siren? How loud is it? The Ring alarm system does come with a siren. The base station has an alarm with adjustable ring alarm siren volume up to 104 dB. Dome makes add-on sirens specifically for Ring that go off when the alarm is triggered. It works with the Ring app as well.

With knowing this information, there are some additional questions that will be answered down below in regards to this siren and how to use it! Check Out The Ring Alarm On Amazon Here: Ring Alarm

How Loud is the Ring Alarm Siren?

When you’re first coming into contact with the siren that’s on the base station of the Ring alarm, that siren is able to go up to 104 dB–comparable to the loudness of a rock concert, as a good example of how loud your siren can be.

If you’ve been to a rock concert, you’re able to feel your ears ringing after the event, sometimes, you can’t really hear that well when you’re finished with the show. This is a good indicator of what this siren is capable of.

With the Dome siren, you add an additional 95 dB to your home siren system. That sound equals about the same noise a subway train would make if you were about 200 feet away from it.

Ring Alarm Siren Volume

The Ring siren is able to go up to 104 dB–comparable to the loudness of a rock concert.

When your ears start to be in danger of some permanent damage is when the dB level reaches 125 dB. This sound is equal to being four feet away from a riveter. So you’re able to know that with this siren, you’re going to be able to have it loud enough that it will certainly attract attention, and hopefully scare others away.

But at the same time, you’re able to know that you won’t damage your own ears if the siren goes off when you’re at home. Worrying about other’s ears isn’t a priority.

So with this siren and dome combination, you’re able to know that you have a pretty loud siren and be aware of everything that may be going on around you.

In reality, when you’re wanting to have a siren in your home, you don’t want to have something that’s going to be soft and just barely alert you that there is a person trying to get into your home.

With the Ring alarm system, they have really tried to show that safety is something that they care about. Hence why they are willing to place a 104 dB siren within the device.

How is Dome Compatible with the Ring App?

With this new addition to the Z-wave family, Dome is now compatible with your phone Ring app.

How do you connect it? It’s pretty simple:

  • Select “Set up device”
  • Open the back door of the Dome Siren
  • Pull out the clear tab from the back of the Dome
  • Rename your Dome Siren

When you’re going through this process, you’re able to connect it to your phone app, and by doing so you’re allowing yourself to have more access and ability to have an armed home. They have worked with Ring in order to help provide more chances to alert your neighbors as well as yourself.

The reason this is able to work is that this is a Z-wave system. That means that these type of products are able to connect together and can continue to work with your smart home.

With this being set up, the sirens of the Dome will go off when there’s a trigger with the Ring station. This is an excellent idea, simply because the thing about the Dome is that this is a device that can be placed around your home.

Dome is a Z-wave system. That means that these type of products are able to connect together, making your home smarter and safer.

In addition to paying for your Ring security kit, these Dome Sirens do cost about $30 apiece, but that’s not really that bad for adding more sirens in your home. There are three different volumes, and at least 11 different chimes to be able to alert you of anything that’s amiss.

This, in turn, makes it so you never miss an alarm trip, and know exactly when the alarm is going off. This only works if you’ve correctly set up the Dome siren to work with your Ring App.

If you’ve just placed them around your home thinking that they will sync up, that’s definitely not the case.

When you’re away from home and the alarm trips or you have turned the siren on, you’re going to get a couple of calls from the police department to make sure that you’re okay. If you’re away, they might offer to check your residence.

Why Would a Siren Be a Good Security Addition?

Ring alarm siren

One of the main purposes for having a siren on your Ring security system is the fact that if you’re in a neighborhood, you’re going to end up alerting the neighbors when they suddenly hear a rock-concert level siren blaring.

This is something that really helps to deter the burglar when they are trying to find a weakened place in your home and a siren goes off. By having this, you’re more able to warn those around you and to also call for help in a way that you wouldn’t normally be able to do.

Sirens are used in a lot of circumstances, and they tend to always draw attention to those that are within earshot. Think of when you were in school and there were fire drills. The sirens would go off, and you knew that you needed to get out and find safety.

With a siren, you’re more able to warn those around you and also call for help in a way which you formally weren’t able to.

With medical workers or law enforcement, they use sirens to warn people that they are in a hurry and they need to get through. There’s no way that any of these things would be able to warn us of danger if they went around and played music like the ice cream trucks.

With these two real-life examples, imagine you’re someone that’s trying to nab some pretty object you saw in Mr. Johnson’s living room, and right as you’re about to get that tricky window or door open, the siren sounds.

I don’t know about you, but I would drop everything so fast and get out of there before anyone else showed up. Thus showing why this would be and why it is a good addition to a security system. Especially with the Ring system.

If you’re looking for a good system with a good siren, this is the one that I would completely recommend to you. My family has had Ring for the past year and it’s really helped us to feel safe and secure.

We also know that the siren will definitely help us to be able to ward people–or maybe animals–away from our home. This is a good item to purchase if you’re concerned that something might be going on around your neighborhood or home.

Since the addition of the Dome with the Z-wave system, this truly is one of the best security systems that you can get to help protect your home and your family.

It works very well for mine, and much like you, my family is very important to me. I would do anything for them.

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Does Ring work without a subscription? With a smart doorbell or something along those lines, you’re certainly able to use it without having to be subscribed to anything. But, when you do pay, you’re able to access previous videos and alarm trips which you wouldn’t otherwise have.

How much does the Ring alarm system cost? The current price for the Ring alarm system is about $200. There are other packages and such that you can look at on the website, but that’s the cost of this specific product.

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