Does the Nest Door Lock Turn Off the Alarm?

Nest Yale Door Lock

If you have started to build up your Nest device family then you may have both the Nest X Yale lock and the Nest Secure alarm system. These two devices have very strong functionality with one another but how exactly do they work together?

Does the Nest door lock turn off the alarm? The Nest X Yale lock won’t disarm the Nest Secure alarm. There is a setting within the Nest app that will disable the alarm system when a passcode is used to open the lock. Activate this setting through the Alarm Options in the Security section in the Nest app.

It is one of the strong suits of Nest as a company is its device connectivity. Their products are really easy to set up and to be used together.

With that in mind, they are still designed to work as stand-alone items as well so you often have to put in some effort to set up all the available functions of Nest products. Especially, when you are looking at functions that require more than one device.

How Nest Products Work Together

The design behind Nest products is to have one integrated system. That way when one Nest product notices something it can notify other Nest devices.

Nest devices were designed to work together from the start. and through the Nest Weave, they are able to communicate with each other through a low powered, non-internet reliant source.

Nest X Yale and Nest Secure Integration

There are many ways the Nest has designed these products to work together but a few core features are:

  • Using the same passcode
  • Unlocking the door can disable the alarm
  • Setting an Entry schedule applies to both devices
  • Security history will show when you disable the alarm through the lock

Using the Same Passcode

Using the same passcode for each person is an easy function that allows you to spare your brain from having to memorize several numbers for your home security.

This way you have one code that fits all. Type it into the lock and into your Nest secure and you should be good to go.

Unlocking the Door Can Disable the Alarm

One of the leading functions for getting a Nest X Yale is this function. This allows you to have a top-notch security system and not have to worry about turning it off every time you get into your home.

This can be incredibly frustrating to not turn on, but it is not initially activated so you will have to activate it yourself.

Nest’s website lists the following as the steps to turn on this setting in you Nest app.

  1. Tap the Setting icon on the Nest app home screen.
  2. Scroll down and tap Security.
  3. Tap Alarm Options.
  4. Set Nest X Yale Lock to On

To turn it back off again all you have to do is switch that last function back to off and you should be good to go.

It is important to note though that when you lock the door the security system does not turn back on automatically. You will have to turn it back on manually.

This is because you sometimes will lock the door when you are still in the home. Obviously, this would set off the security system so it will not automatically turn on when you lock the door.

Setting an Entry Schedule Applies to Both Devices

One of the options that you have on the Nest X Yale is the option to set a time when the door will unlock. This allows you to set things up for when your kids get home from school, or when you are going to have the housekeeper or nanny stop by.

For whatever the reason you don’t have to give away a constant key code to enter the house and they can enter with no problem. This will also apply to the Nest Secure so they won’t have to input a code for the Nest secure just because they didn’t put a code into the Nest X Lock.

That way you can prevent any need to giving away your code to anyone that won’t enter the home at random times of the day. Keep the codes to just you and your family, and keep yourselves safe.

Security History Will Show When You Disable the Alarm Through the Lock

The benefit here is that you are able to track what is going on in your house more efficiently. You can set the codes up in your device to connect to certain people. If that’s the case then you will know who is using which locks to enter your house.

Use that knowledge in conjunction with when your security is turned off and you’ll have a pretty good view of what is happening at your house even when you are miles away.

Other Nest Door Lock Integrations

There are many other products and functions that you can apply to the Nest x Yale lock as well as the Nest secure. Nest provides great opportunities to grow an interconnected smart home system that will allow you to control your whole home from a single app. Some other integrations include:

  • Auto-locking
  • Privacy mode
  • Nest Cameras
  • Hello Doorbell

Auto Locking

You can change the setting on how fast the Nest X Yale will lock itself. After a certain period of time, your door will automatically lock. You can also choose to have auto locking on all the time or only when no one is home.

If auto locking is on it is important to always remember what your passcode is as if you step outside for just a little bit without your phone and you are locked out you will need your code to get back in.

When you have the when “home do not auto lock” option selected it will only work if the phone has the Nest app, has shared access, and is allowing the app to view their location. If it is not then the door will still auto lock so be careful of this.

Auto locking does not reactivate the security system.

There is a delay that happens between the home and away settings. so to ensure that your door is locked as soon as you leave lock the door with the app.

Privacy mode

Activate privacy mode prevents anyone from entering your home using a passcode on your lock’s keypad. The door can, however, be unlocked with the Nest app or by turning the deadbolt manually.

Nest Cameras

When the security alarm goes off your Nest cameras will automatically turn themselves on and begin streaming video. Even if they were scheduled to be off. You’ll get a notification of this activity and a snapshot preview will be sent to your phone.

Uses the notification you will be able to quickly open your camera’s live stream to figure out what all is happening at your house. Having a Nest Aware subscription will save footage of the event to your cloud marked in your camera’s Sightline.

Hello Doorbell

This product integrates with Google home and Google home hub which both will chime and announce visitors when the Hello doorbell is used.

The Google Home Hub owners can see the live video stream from the Nest Hello’s camera and can use that to talk to visitors. Nest Aware subscribers will also hear the visitor’s name announced if they’re in the familiar face library.

Related Questions:

Does the Nest X Yale have built-in security? The Nest X Yale will notify its owner through the Nest App as well as an audio alarm of anyone attempting to tamper with the lock. This only applies to the lock itself being tampered with though. if the house is entered through other means the lock won’t do anything without other Nest devices.

Does the Nest X Yale use door sensing technology? The Nest X Yale does not use door sensing technology. This means that if you leave your door ajar then when the door auto locks it will lock nothing, as the door is still open. But it will read as if the door were locked.

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