Nest Hello: Does it Work With iPad?

Nest Hello offers a variety of different devices that it works with, but does it work with iPads? With all the advances in technology, it would be nice to know what devices Nest specifically works with.

Nest Hello: Does it work with iPads? Nest Hello works well with iPads with an iOS of 10 or later. This also includes any iPhones and iPods that are also at an iOS of 10 or later. There is a Nest app that allows your iPad to connect with your Nest camera to keep you updated about your notifications and who is at your front door.

There is a certain way to connect your device to Nest which allows it to work smoothly. As you continue to read, we will discuss how to connect your iPad and what to do if it’s not working.

What You Can See On Your iPad With Nest

When you are able to set up your IPad with Nest, you will not only be able to look out on your front porch, but also be hooked up with your Nest Thermostat, Nest alarm system, the in-home cameras, and outside your front door with Nest Hello.

Once you know you have the right software version, go into the app store and search for the Nest App. It will be titled “Nest” with a blue icon and white house on the inside. Yes, the Nest App is free to download.

Nest Hello specifically on the iPad will show you what’s going on with 24/7 video of your front yard. The Nest camera allows you to see people from top to bottom or if there’s anything waiting at your doorstep. All images can be seen on the iPad and other devices the app works on.

You will get notifications through the app about when someone is at your front door. This happens even if they don’t ring the doorbell. Through the iPad you can listen to the person at the door and also talk with them without needing to be at the door.

On the device, you can send a quick response to the person at the front door. This helps if you are away from home or can’t make it to the door. It helps you when you’re busy so they can still get a message and you can continue to live your life. It’s like a doorbell voicemail service!

Other Services the App Provides On the iPad

On your iPad you can access different Nest services, such as changing your temperature on the thermostat, arming and disarming the home alarm system, alert you of smoke or carbon monoxide, and even allows you to unlock or lock the door.

These services can be connected to your iPad if you choose to also purchase other Nest products that help protect the home.

The Thermostat works through the iPad by allowing you to not only change the temperature but also see where you are spending energy.

You can edit when you use hot water, get alerts if it is too cold for your home or help you decide on a temperature in the home that will save you money and energy.

On the iPad you can arm and disarm your alarm system. You can watch who comes to your house and leaves through a history it keeps. It will send you alerts if you forgot to set the alarm.

You can even invite people over through the app for certain times with different passwords to be able to visit during allotted hours that you choose.

With Nest Protect, you can receive alerts about if there is any smoke or carbon monoxide if you have your internet connection working.

You can choose to turn off an alarm, see if any detectors need new batteries and watch your Wi-Fi connection. You can test all of your alarms from clicking on a button on your app.

It is incredible what different things the iPad is able to do with Nest!

You can also look and see through the other security cameras you have set up around the house. It will send you alerts through the iPad’s app about if there is someone outside or inside depending on where your cameras are at. You can even talk back through the app to talk to someone!

If you haven’t looked at your device for the last three hours, the app with show you little snapshots of the history of the last three hours. Nest Cameras have the capability to let you know when a particular person arrives because it has face recognition.

Again, the app is a great source to view 24/7 footage of what is exactly happening at the moment that it’s happening. There is also 30 days of history you can look back on if you are subscribed with Nest.

The iPad can also allow you to unlock the door from wherever you are at. It connects with everyone’s phone in the family. In fact, it allows everyone to have their individual Nest account so everyone has access to unlock the doors or whatever is needed.

It is helpful so if someone forgets a key, there will be no worries. Keys won’t be needed, instead only a passcode to get into the Nest app and unlock for themselves.

If you are worried about it unlocking or locking when you don’t wish it to, it will also send you an alert when someone locks or unlocks the door so you are always in the loop. If you leave the home and forget to lock the door, the Home/Away Assist and Auto-Lock will lock up for you after you leave.

There are so many great features that can be accessed through the iPad that makes it an easy and convenient source for protecting your home and family.

Requirements for Installing Nest On iPad

Like we talked about before, in order to install Nest on your device, you need to have iOS software version 10 on your iPad or later.

You can check where to find what software version is on your device by going to the Settings, then clicking on General, then About. Under this section, you will see the tab that says Version.

Right next to Version it will have a number which shows you what version of iOS you have. If it says 10 or higher, you will be good to download the app.

Not only does Nest work with iPads, iPhones, and iPods, it also can install on your Apple TV and Apple Watch. The Nest App also works well with Android products such as phones, tablets, Android TV and Android Wear.

If you don’t have your iPad available on you, you can also download it on a Windows or Mac computer.

Problems Setting Up Nest On iPad?

If you want to set up Nest Hello on your iPad, first download the Nest app from the app store. It’s called: Nest. It will be a blue icon with a white home inside of it.

Once you have your app, test it with your Nest device before you install your Nest outside. You will want to check the camera and make sure it works with your WiFi.

Some people have difficulties with the device connecting with their WiFi. Before making all the efforts to install the Nest, make sure it connects well with your iPad.

If you are having problems connecting with the WiFi, you can contact a Nest support specialist by visiting the website for a number of someone in your area. They can help direct you in fixing the problem or if the problem is with the device.

There are also others who may have similar questions and post about it on the company’s community page. This is a great resource if you are having difficulties with your iPad and Nest system.

Related Questions:

Will Nest Hello work with my doorbell? Most of the doorbells work with Nest Hello as long as your doorbell has the right voltage. 16-24 VAC and at least 10 VA for America. 12-24 VAC and at least 8 VA for Europe. If your doorbell only has batteries, it won’t work with Nest.

Do you need a subscription for Nest Hello? You can still use Nest Hello without a subscription but you will be missing out on several different features. There are several features in their subscription that you may want to check out before deciding.

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