Ring Alarm Professional Monitoring: Is it Worth it?

Ring Protect Monitoring

When I was contemplating subscribing to the Ring Alarm Professional 24/7 Monitoring, I wondered if it was really worth it. So, I did some research to discover whether the monitoring was really worth it, or if the DIY method is better.

So, is Ring Alarm Professional Monitoring worth it? Ring offers a super security option for homeowners. Security is a priceless commodity, but Ring manages to make it easily affordable. If security is a priority for you, then professional monitoring is definitely worth it.

When many people purchase a security system, they are under the impression that it should be a one and done deal. Meaning, that they should be able to purchase a security system and ride off happily into the sunset protected forever. The fact of the matter is, some security systems and plans are better than others. When it comes to Ring, the professional monitoring is the perfect cherry on top of an already decadent ice cream sundae.

Ring Protection Plans

As with many other security systems and companies in general, Ring caters to multiple classes of individuals with a variety of needs. So, varying plans cost different amounts and offer differing service depending on the depth of security desired.

What this does is allows the user to find the plan that best fits their needs, so users don’t have features unwillingly forced on them by companies (for example, every Apple device requires you to set up an iCloud). Most people would say that more features are better than less, however, different folks would rather things were simpler.

That is why Ring offers their products at three different tiers of subscription plans: no plan, the basic plan, or the protection plus plan. These varying plans (or no plan) allow users to experience different levels of features and security levels.

It is worth noting the individual tiers to compare the varieties of protection offered, but only the Protect Plus plan supports 24/7 professional monitoring.

Ring Protect BasicRing Protect Plus
Cost Paid Monthly$3/camera$10/all cameras
Cost Paid Yearly$30/camera$100/all cameras
Event Video RecordingYesYes
Video History60 Days60 Days
DiscountsN/A10% Discount on Ring.com
OtherX24/7 Professional Monitoring (Requires Ring Alarm Security System)

Ring products can be bought individually, or users can buy their varying sets of security equipment. The subscription protection plans can be activated with individual devices and with sets. Though that is the case, users will benefit more from the subscription if they have at least one Ring camera as part of their home security.

Protect Plus

The Ring Protect Plus plan is the best plan offered for optimum security. Even compared to other Ring plans that don’t include 24/7 professional monitoring, the Protection Plus plan gives users significantly better security protection.

Cost is always a factor when debating what security plan to get, and pro-tip, cheaper is not always better. The Ring Protect Plus plan is a mere $10 per month (if paid monthly) or a flat $100 per year.

To put it in perspective, people spend more than that every week buying their morning coffee. Isn’t your security worth more than coffee?

None of Ring’s other plans come with 24/7 monitoring, so what makes it the tipping factor for why you should go with the Ring Protect Plus?

  1. It is yearly security for a mere $100. Not many other security plans can match that.
  2. 24/7 monitoring
  3. 24-hour battery backup for power outages. Even if the power temporarily goes out, you’ll still be secure.
  4. Peace of Mind. You are not responsible for checking ALL the security video footage. Professionals are aware and can send the cops in immediate need circumstances.
  5. 10% off. Do you feel like you could use another camera? No problem, Ring has got your back.
  6. Extended Warranty on Ring products

Are six reasons convincing enough? Cost alone should not be the factor in deciding your safety. You definitely get the bang for your buck with Ring Protect Plus.

Picture this: Someone has been lurking near your house every day for weeks. With Ring motion detection, you have been getting alerts (depending on your notification settings), but you don’t put two and two together. When professionals review the footage, they notice and make sure you are aware

Picture this escalation: The lurker manages to get in when your alarm was not activated and is holding you at gunpoint. Guess who’s got your back? With 24/7 monitoring, Ring can dispatch police officers immediately.

Your security is worth more because, without it, you could pay with something priceless: your life.

Protect Basic

The Ring Protect Basic plan is only more cost effective than the Protect Plus plan if you have less than four cameras. Although, there is only a one dollar difference between the Ring Protect Basic plan with three cameras than the Ring Protect Plus plan with 4+.

The Ring Protect Basic plan costs users $3 per camera per month or a lower option of $30 per camera per year.

With this subscription plan, the camera feed history gets saved on the cloud for 60 days. This is lightyears better than not having a subscription plan because those users can only view live events.

Cameras that are subscribed to Ring Protect Basic have the ability to record motion event videos to the cloud. What that means is, the camera will not upload all the video footage with nothing going on.

Instead, the camera will automatically sort through the footage and back up footage that actually includes movement from people, cars, or whatever recording settings you have tailored for your Ring camera devices.

The camera footage that has been backed up can be reviewed by subscribers and even downloaded, or shared for up to 60 days. After those 60 days, the backed up footage is automatically deleted which means that not only is your home secure on the outside, but it is secured digitally on the cloud.

There are a few differences between the Ring Protect Basic plan and the Ring Protect Plus, but the biggest difference is in terms of professional monitoring. You may think that this protect basic plan is good enough. However, it still puts the security responsibility on you.

Who has the time to review sixty days worth of security footage? Most people have a hard enough finding time in the day to cook dinner instead of eating out. It is nice knowing that the footage is there as a kind of digital security blanket, but unless users review it, it is just digital hoarding (at least for 60 days).

Simply put, that is the biggest feature flaw that makes the Protect Plus plan a much better value in terms of the security users are actually receiving.


All Ring products can function normally without any subscription security monitoring plan in place. So, people who want things simple can still opt for that one-time product purchase option. However, this plan does not include any sort of professional monitoring, it is completely on the user to be responsible for their security.

Ring offers varying package sizes for whole-home security needs. A five piece whole home set starts at $199 and includes the following:

  • Base Station
  • Keypad
  • Contact Sensor
  • Motion Detector
  • Range Extender

This five-piece set can get users started on the right track for home security, and over time they can continue to purchase additional home security “pieces” including the doorbell camera, floodlight cameras, etc.

All these will connect together, and users that opt for no subscription plan can still set and use all these devices.

One thing to note is that while all the devices will work, the users will only be able to view their camera feeds live and not a history of events which could put a wrench in things when deciding to call the cops. There may not be any proof, but that won’t prevent you from filing a report.

Even if users choose not to subscribe, they will receive a 30 day trial of Ring Protection Plus. This makes the transition from a plan to no plan more drastic, that way users know what they’re missing out on.

Without a subscription plan and the 24/7 professional monitoring, it is up to users to be on top of their home security and have a plan in place when security concerns arise.

Comparison with Other Security Plans

Everybody wants to know which products are the “best” or the differences of what is out there so they can make an informed purchase or decision. Compared with other security systems, Ring Protection Plus proves that not only is it “worth it,” as a security system, it even tops competitors.

And if your concern is price, Ring sweeps the floor with competing security systems. Why pay more for something that protects you just as well?


Ring has the competitive edge over ADT when it comes to price.

Ring’s initial product package starts at $199, whereas ADT’s product package starts at $125. You might be thinking, hold your horses, I thought Ring was going to be cheaper. Well, it is, but the price difference comes in subscription amounts.

With 24/7 professional monitoring from Ring, users will pay $10/month or $100/year. This guarantees that security is definitely affordable. ADT plans start at $19.99 /month. They also offer a $36.99 /month plan and a $52.99 /month plan. ALL of those mean that users are paying significantly more per year than through the Ring 24/7 monitoring plan.

Ring allows users DIY installation that is quick and easy, generally taking anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour and a half from unboxing to complete installation. ADT requires users to have professional installation meaning users have to pay $99 on top of everything.

Both systems fulfill the expectation of security. ADT has a history of home protection, so they have reputation on their side. Their system seems more sophisticated than Ring’s DIY product installation. For users that are looking for security and ease at a cheap price, Ring is definitely the way to go. For users that want nothing to do with their security system, and want fancy, ADT will have your back.

All in all, both function effectively, and Ring’s cheaper price makes it the better option.


Nest is a direct competitor to Ring. It only stands to reason that Nest would be among the considered brands for consumers. Although their products seem similar in function, when compared, it becomes more obvious as to which security system and 24/7 professional monitoring plan is really worth it.

The Ring Alarm System kit starts at $199 making it one of the most affordable home security systems on the market. As mentioned earlier, the alarm system includes the following:

  • Base Station
  • Keypad
  • Contact Sensor
  • Motion Detector
  • Range Extender

In terms of a basic home security system, this is really all you need. The cool thing about Ring though is that you can purchase sets of devices, making it cheaper to get devices, and you can continue to add devices to your security system as time goes on.

Nest starts out with their system at a whopping $399. That is a starting price double Ring. Their starting alarm security system includes the following:

  • Nest Guard (Hub)
  • Two Nest Detect Sensors (windows, doors, rooms)
  • Two Nest Tags for access to the home

Well, it’s a start. Like Ring, users can continue to add products to their security.

For access to 24/7 professional monitoring, Nest in comparison is significantly more pricey than Ring’s Protection Plus Plan. Nest’s plans start at $19 per month on a locked in 3-year contract. Ouch. For those with commitment issues, Nest offers $29 month-to-month protection.

So…what’s the difference really? Absolutely nothing. Both Nest and Ring offer cellular backup for power outages, both have live-agent 24/7 monitoring, both allow you to view live video from your home, and share and save video footage. In the end…the real difference is price. Why would you pay more for essentially the same product and service?

Ring offers flexibility and budget-friendly protection when compared with Nest. When users subscribe to Ring Protection Plus, they aren’t locked into any kind of contract. This allows subscribers to switch plans, and achieve their personal security needs.

To get the cheapest option of Nest, users have be locked into a 3-year contract, AND their plan is still more than double what Ring users will pay each year. Verdict? Ring rules the day.

Related Questions:

Does Ring require a subscription? Users that choose not to subscribe for Ring’s basic and protect plus plans can still access live video-feed monitoring as well as home protection through their other Ring alarm system devices. 

How long does the Ring doorbell battery last? The Ring doorbell battery should last anywhere between six and twelve months depending on the activity of your doorbell. Following that amount of time, you can recharge the battery.

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