What Size Screws Do I Need For an LG TV Wall Mount


You’re all set to mount your brand new LG TV on the wall. You’ve got the tools, the TV, the mounting kit, and a helper or two, but now you need the screws. It’s essential to make sure you have the correct screws for the job because the weight of the TV will hang on those tiny, little screws. So what size screws do you actually need for an LG TV wall mount? Great question! 

Most TV mounts, including LG TV mounted televisions, will adhere to VESA industry standards and require an M6 or bigger screw for TVs under 110 pounds or an M8 or bigger screw for TVs over 110 pounds. If you aren’t sure which screws you need you can use your owner’s manual or the VESA pattern to determine the correct size. Better yet, use the screws included with your VESA-compliant TV mount for the safest and best installation. 

This article will explain what size screws you will need to mount your LG TV to the wall using a mount kit. Of course, the easiest thing to do is use the screws that came with your television mount. All mounts that claim to follow the VESA industry standard must include the correct screws.

However, if you have somehow lost or misplaced your screws or you just want to understand how the size is determined, keep reading because we’ll take a look at four methods to know which screws you need. But before we get into what size screw matches your TV mount, let’s look at the importance of mounting your TV correctly. 

Why You Need to Mount Your TV Properly

LG flat screen TVs come in a wide range of sizes, from 32 inches to 88 inches. With the appropriate hardware and mounting kit, you can mount these TVs to your wall. But you need to be cautious to mount your tv correctly. 

A poorly mounted tv can fall, break, and cause severe injury or death, especially to small children. According to BestBuy’s website, the LG TV warranty does not cover damage due to improper installation. So they won’t replace or fix your television if it breaks due to not being installed correctly. If you use the wrong screws and your TV breaks, unfortunately, you’ll be the one responsible for replacing it. 

Correct -and safe- installation is up to you, so you make sure you follow the manufacturer’s directions in the owner’s manual, including what size screws you need to use. 

What Tools Do You Need To Mount Your TV?

Tools Needed

As shown in the picture you will need some basic tools in order to mount your LG TV. These are tools that most people have in their homes already. The tools you will need are:

  • A Small Level
  • A Stud Finder
  • Standard Flat Head Screwdriver
  • Standard Phillips Screwdriver
  • An Electric Cordless Drill

Why Screw Size Matters When You Mount Your LG TV

One of the critical factors in mounting your TV to the wall is using the right screw for the job. The screw needs to be able to handle the weight of the TV, the weight of the TV mount and go deep enough into your wall to reach the studs so that it does not fall. The screws also need to be the correct size to hold the mount to the TV. 

If the screws are too large, they won’t fit through the holes in the back of the TV. If they are too short, they won’t go deep enough into the wall or they won’t allow room for the spacers which provide air flow around the television. 

Here’s how you know what size screws you will need to mount your TV.

How Do Determine the Correct Screw Size for Your VESA Compliant LG TV Mount

1. The correct screws are in the box with your TV mount.

If all this sounds too complicated, don’t worry. If your television mount is VESA compliant, then your mount is a complete kit that will include the correct screws to attach your mount to your wall and your TV to your mount. 

Sometimes you will find the screws taped onto the mount itself, but they may be a part of the packaging. If you don’t see the screws right away, keep looking and make sure you didn’t accidentally throw them in the trash with the packaging. These screws are very important. You might even void the warranty if you do not use the screws that are included in the kit.

2. Your owner’s manual will tell you what screws you need to mount your tv.

If you’ve lost your screws or can’t find them, look at your TV mount owner’s manual. It should tell you in detail what screws you need for your TV and mount. Hopefully, your manual will be straightforward, and if you need to, just take the owner’s manual with you to the hardware store, and someone can help you purchase the correct screws. 

In this particular owner’s manual, the screws included in the kit to attach the TV to the mount are M6 by L33m. Unfortunately, it doesn’t specifically list the mount screws you need, but if you read through the manual, it will tell you that you need an 8mm wrench to tighten the wall screws, indicating an M8 screw.

3. Purchase a universal screw kit for your television mount.

If you still aren’t’ sure what screws you need, you can purchase pre-made kits on Amazon with all of the screws you might need to mount your television. Just choose the kit that corresponds with your TV and mount. 

These kits are inexpensive, and all of the screws are labeled. They also include spacers and any additional pieces you might need. You can see one of these kits here.

4. Measure the VESA Pattern on your TV Mount

If you can’t find the information in your owner’s manual, you still have a way to figure out what screws you need. LG TV mounts use the VESA standard. So if you figure out the VESA pattern of your wall mount, you’ll be able to determine which size screw you need. 

VESA Industry Standards

VESA stands for Video Electronics Standards Association. It is an organization of professionals in the video electronics profession who work together to create stands in the industry. For example, they set the bar for LG TVs mounts and computer monitors. As a result, many of the major manufacturers, including LG, willingly comply with these standards to make mounting TVs easier and safer for the consumer. 

VESA FDMI Standards 

FDMI stands for Flat Display Mounting Interface. FDMI is a standard for screw size based on the minimum size needed to mount a television based on its weight. However, manufacturers can exceed the minimum size of screw size required if they choose. However, they will still be VESA compliant as long as they exceed the minimum standard. 

For example, a TV weighing under 110 pounds will require a screw size of at least M6, with a Pitch of 1 and a length of 12 MM.

A TV weight over 110 pounds will require a screw size of at least M8, with a pitch of 1.5 and a length of 16MM. 

Most manufacturers will include longer screws than the minimum size, so take this into consideration if you need to replace your screws. The mount standards for televisions and monitors have to do with the screw hole pattern on the TV and monitor. For example, some common screw hole patterns on the television back are: 

  • 75 mm x 75 mm 
  • 100 mm x 100 mm 
  • 200 mm x 200 mm 
  • 400 mm x 400 mm 

How to Measure Your Vesa Pattern

Drawing Back of TV

It’s easy to find your VESA pattern by looking at the back of your TV. If your TV is able to be mounted, you’ll find at least four screw holes on the back (they may have included screws in the holes already). Measure the horizontal distance between the top two holes first and the vertical distance between the top and bottom holes second. You’ll get a number such as 200mm x 200mm. This number gives you your VESA pattern.  

The VESA pattern can help you know which size screw you need. 

Screen SizeVESA PatternScrew Size 
Under 19 inches75mm x 75mmM4
19-22100mm x 100mmM4
30-40200mm x 200mmM6
40-88400mm x 400mm (minimum)M8
Back of TV

Once you have measured and know your VESA pattern, you can choose the coordinating screw size according to the chart above. Again, your local hardware store will probably have everything in stock that you need. Above is an image of the back of a TV that is not VESA compliant.

Related Questions 

Who established the VESA Standard? 

Harry Sweere, the founder of Ergotron, worked with industry leaders in 1996 to begin forming an industry standard for electronics. As the leader of the organization, he helped to revise and release the FDMI standard in 2002. 

Are TV mounts universal? 

TV mounts that are VESA compliant are technically universal. Therefore, you should be able to purchase any mount with the correctly sized VESA pattern that matches your TV. But, of course, the mount also needs to support the size and weight of your television, so do your research to make sure you get the right one. 

How Do I Know Which TV Mount I Need? 

You can find out the best mount for your TV by contacting your TV manufacturer. Or, use the SANUS Mount Finder Tool as a guide to help you know which universal TV mount will fit your TV.

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