Meet the Team

Hi! Our name’s are Luke and Reid, the owner’s of Drill Warrior. We are real estate professionals and rental property owners who both have experience in renovating properties. 

We spend every chance we can working on home projects, from simple fixes like a leaky faucet to replacing a kitchen sink.

From our personal residences to our rental units, we aim to make our properties more functional, secure, and tech savvy. We embrace home technology and enjoy implementing and reviewing a variety of home tech, such as ring doorbells, smart locks, and home security systems.

In our free time we enjoy working out, fishing, spending time with friends and family and cheering on the Iowa Hawkeyes!

Our Experience

We are real estate professionals who have experience in appraisal, valuation, and analysis of property. Reid has performed an abundance of site inspections and analyzed renovation projects and spaces that need complete interior overhauls. Luke has experience in determining renovation costs through conversations with investors and lenders. 

Both Luke and Reid are both seasoned in identifying areas for renovation opportunity, from a perspective of increasing home value and making the property more functional. We have taken a hands-on approach with our homes and personal property in learning how to install cabinets, plumbing, and drywall. 

We are both hobby writers who enjoy sharing our renovation and home improvement experience with other home owners so they can save time and money, and make the right decisions for their homes.

Our Mission

This is our website where we will document and share all of the projects we undertake, the new methods we learn along the way, and review the brands we personally use. 

Our mission is to help all of you home improvement addicts build out your dream home, regardless of skill level, and save time and money doing it!