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We all love the Ring Doorbell, don’t get me wrong, but not all of us can afford to pay a couple hundred dollars and then some, for a cool security system. But, just because you can’t afford a Ring Doorbell, doesn’t mean you have to go without!

There are TONS of less expensive alternatives to this awesome gadget that almost anyone can afford! In this article we are going to go over the top 6 that we found. You can have a smart doorbell without breaking the bank!

The 6 best inexpensive alternatives to a Ring Doorbell are:

  1. Zmodo Greet Smart ($79.28)
  2. iseeBell Wi-Fi Enabled HD Video Doorbell ($71.99)
  3. VueBell ($119)
  4. DophiGo 960P Wi-Fi Enabled Smart Video Camera Wireless Doorbell Button Chime ($79.99)
  5. ZhiLiao Smart Home WiFi Video Doorbell ($45.99)
  6. AUNEX Video Wireless Doorbell ($65.99)

These devices are all under $100, which makes them super inexpensive for this kind of technology! They are all pretty good devices too! Below I have included more information about these exceptional doorbells.

Zmodo Greet Smart1. Zmodo Greet Smart

The Zmodo Greet Smart is a great alternative video doorbell security system that is super cheap and great quality. The Zmodo Greet Smart device has an HD wide-angle lens which will give you a clear, full view of your doorstep.

You can look at live video footage at any time on your phone as well! This device has motion detection software that will pick up any activity on your front porch. These motion alert clips are saved for 36 hours on the Zmodo Cloud Service.

Another awesome feature that I love is that you can communicate with people on your porch through your phone and the doorbell! How cool is that? You can talk to the person on your porch without actually having to open the door or let them in!

This product has a 60-day return policy and a 3-year limited warranty. You can buy a cloud recording plan to be able to store footage for longer for pretty cheap as well. This device costs $79.28 on Amazon.

This warranty is longer than Ring’s, and it is far more inexpensive.

iseeBell Wi-Fi Video Doorbell Security Cam with Indoor Chime2. IseeBell Wi-Fi Enabled HD Video Doorbell

The iseeBell Wi-Fi Enabled HD Video Doorbell is another great alternative device to the Ring Video Doorbell. This doorbell system comes with the HD Video Doorbell, an Indoor Nightlight Chime, and the tools and wires necessary for installation. This device connects to your Wi-Fi so that you can control the device from your smartphone.

You can view the live-stream and past video footage taken by the video camera in the doorbell all from the click of a button on your smartphone. This device keeps old footage in its cloud for storage and future access.

This video camera also has a 185 degree, ultra wide angle lens with 720 High Definition to provide the biggest and clearest image possible for your security purposes.

This device prices out at $71.99 on Amazon with free shipping. You could even get it for cheaper if you find a used one. 

VueBell WiFi Video Doorbell3. VueBell WiFi Video Doorbell

The VueBell Doorbell is a pretty sweet steal. It has some awesome features that not even the Ring Doorbell has, is reliable, and it is super easy to use. The VueBell alerts you on your phone if someone rings the doorbell or sets off the motion sensor.

This device’s camera has a 185-degree horizontal field of view so that you can see your entire front porch, making it nearly impossible for your camera to not pick up on suspicious activity in front of your door.

This video camera also has super high definition and a high-quality lens so that all of the captured footage is very clear. Not only does it have a high-quality camera, but it also has powerful infrared LEDs so that you can see clearly both day and night.

Another awesome video feature is that you can communicate with your guests EVEN IF YOU AREN’T HOME! They simply use the doorbell device and you can use your phone to communicate with them from anywhere.

This device is also super easy to install. You simply use the already existing doorbell wires in your house and connect it to those.

This eliminates having to replace batteries all of the time and having to make sure it is still securely screwed in. You can just get it all done correctly the first time and then you are done having to deal with the device.

This device comes with a one-year warranty and lifetime 24/7 customer support through in-app live chat, toll-free phone calls, and emails. It costs $119 on Amazon with free shipping.

DophiGo 960P Video Doorbell 4. DophiGo 960P Video Doorbell 

This DophiGo 960P WiFi Doorbell system has some pretty great features as well. one of my favorites in this device is the 960P HD Military camera that is in this device. It records the security footage with a smooth texture and no delay.

It also has infrared night vision so it doesn’t miss anything at night either. This amazingly good quality camera will be able to capture your footage in the clearest vision possible, making it much easier to catch someone in the act if they are up to no good night or day!

This device also has the capabilities to help your guest and you communicate through the doorbell device and your smartphone. You can see, hear, and speak to them without even having to open the door. It also has group notifications so that your entire family is alerted if your doorbell sends out an alert, not just one person’s device.

This device has roughly a 3-year lifespan and works off of battery power. These battery packs can be rotated out with each other and recharged as necessary to power the device.

Another cool thing about this device that you won’t find in many others is that it is waterproof. This will help to protect your device from any and all of that cold, wet weather from winter and spring.

This device is super easy to install and creates little to no damage. It has a 60-day money back guarantee with a 3-year limited warranty on the device as well.

It also has lifetime theft protection so if your doorbell is stolen, they will replace it for free. The device costs $79.99 on Amazon with free shipping.

5. ZhiLiao Smart Video Doorbell

ZhiLiao Smart Video DoorbellThe ZhiLiao Smart Video Doorbell has a super easy setup. You don’t even need to touch any wires or cables to set up this device. You simply need to download the “Anyhome App” then connect it to your video doorbell.

After set up, you can go to the app and see a live stream of the footage the camera is taking in whenever you want. You can also view any saved footage or photos saved to the app on any devices you have connected to your system at any time.

This video doorbell also a 166-degree wide angle camera. Having this super wide view camera helps so that you won’t miss a single thing when the camera picks up footage. You will be able to see anything that happens on or near your porch at all times.

A common feature that this doorbell possesses is two-way talk. With this feature, you can communicate with anyone on your porch without having to go and answer the door. You can stay in bed and live your lazy day to the fullest, or you could even answer someone on your porch when you are all the way at work.

Another cool feature of this device that is similar to the Ring video doorbell system is motion detection. With this motion detection feature, your camera will immediately send you a message anytime that it picks up motion from someone walking or moving in front of the doorbell’s camera. You will always know when someone is on your porch.

A feature that is unique to this video doorbells system and company is that it comes with a micro SD card and cloud storage. With these features, you will never have to worry about losing video footage due to an expiration date or not being able to save it.

Your cloud storage is free and can store as much as you desire. Plus, your SD card has the massive capacity of 64GB so that you can save any and all important footage without worry of losing it in any way.

The ZhiLiao Smart Home WiFi Video Doorbell costs $43.99 on Amazon with free shipping, which is definitely one of the cheapest prices for such a device. 

AUNEX Video Wireless Doorbell6. AUNEX Video Wireless Doorbell

The AUNEX Video Wireless Doorbell has a lot of great features that are similar to the Ring doorbell, without having to pay the absurd price! One of these great features is the quality and clarity of the camera.

It has a 1080P full HD camera lens with a 170 degree wide viewing angle. This excellent quality, wide view camera is sure to pick up all of your security footage with ease and clarity. You won’t miss a thing if someone comes onto your porch!

Another great feature of this camera is the PIR motion detection and night vision that is set up with the camera system. The PIR motion detection is sure to pick up any trace of someone coming even near your porch.

Along with this, the night vision feature will help so that you don’t miss a thing no matter the weather or time of day it is when something happens.

It could be 3 am with all of your street’s porch lights and street lights out and your camera will pick up everything that happens with ease due to these pristine features.

The lack of lighting features to provide a view for the normal eyes won’t be a problem to this camera because the night vision will kick in automatically and catch everything with ease.

This wireless video doorbell also has the oh-so-popular two-way audio feature. This feature is great because it helps you to be able to communicate with your porch guest without having to leave the comfort of your bed or even if you aren’t home. You could be at work when someone comes to your door and you would be able to communicate with them still.

This device also has a 2.4G wifi connection. With this connection, it is sure to keep your wifi running smoothly no matter how much video footage it is taking in at a given time. You won’t have to worry about your camera ever having a lack of signal inhibiting the quality of your camera’s work.

Another great feature that is unique to this device is the free Amazon cloud storage service to store all of your video footage with ease of accessibility and not having to worry about lack of space.

It also comes with an SD card to store your important footage on for permanent keeping as well. You won’t ever have to worry about your footage getting automatically deleted after a few days of it existing.

The AUNEX Video Wireless Doorbell has a super quick and easy installation process. It also comes with a 12-month warranty when you buy it along with lifetime support whenever you have questions or a problem with your device. This device costs $82.99 on Amazon with free shipping. 

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