Can a Google Nest Doorbell Get Wet?

You Just installed your Google Nest Doorbell and right as you finish it starts to rain. Your thoughts start racing as you wonder if this new, cool tech is water resistant. I looked into it and here is what I found.

Can a nest hello doorbell get wet? The Google Nest Doorbell has an IPX4 weather resistance rating.  An IPX4 weather rating means that it is splash resistant from any angle.  The less water this device is exposed to the longer it will function.

Basically, the Nest Hello Doorbell has a fairly low weather rating, but here are some ideas that can help keep your Google Nest Doorbell up and running.

Nest Hello Doorbell Weather Rating

On the Nest website, I looked over all of the specs of the hello doorbell trying to find out how much rain or snow it can handle.

I found out that the Google Nest Doorbell has an IPX4 weather rating, and of course that did me no good. I did a little more digging to try and find out what that meant. I dug up some info on weather ratings.

The IPX4 weather rating of the product means that it can be splashed with water from any side for up to 5 minutes. Now the question that was in my mind was how much is a splash? Is it a plash of rain? A splash from the sprinkler, a splash from a 5-gallon bucket of water?

More research. Turns out when a product is tested for weather resistance, it is tested until it finally breaks. Then it is repeated to the level of testing right before the malfunction occurred, finding the maximum strength of the product.

The Nest Hello doorbell went through a splash test where water was splashed constantly against the product for 10 minutes using a variety of water fixtures including an oscillating tube and a spray nozzle. The Doorbell held up against this testing.

Considering that testing, Your Google Nest Doorbell should be fine being exposed to the mist of yard sprinklers, rain or snow.

It will be important for you to think about details like wind and weather patterns in your region. Know that the placement of the doorbell will also affect how much rain it is exposed to. Do you have a covered porch? All of these details are important to know.

It’s clear that these doorbells are awesome, even if your front porch doesn’t seem like the best spot for a Google Nest Doorbell, take a look at these other options to protect your doorbell.

Doorbell Covers

The Google Nest Doorbell offers so many great functions, its hard to think of your home without one just because it’s going to get rained on and ruined.

While Nest hasn’t come up with any waterproofing solutions, there have been some other ideas that people have come up with to help protect your doorbell

The first option that I looked into is a silicone covering for the nest doorbell. It is super easy to install and it is super cheap! It slips over your doorbell, protecting it from UV rays, bugs, and water! Click Here to check out these covers on Amazon!

Many Nest Doorbell users worry about the security of the doorbell itself. (They are a little Pricey) One other great feature of the silicone case is that they come in a variety of colors which makes it easy for your Nest Doorbell to blend in, making it look like a normal doorbell.

“This was exactly what I was looking for! Since my doorway is not covered on the top, I was worried about the consequences of constantly exposing my Nest to wet-dry cycles due to rain. That is when I came across this. I was worried at first that the enclosure might end up muffling the speaker, but I realized that my worries were unfounded and it is loose enough to not muffle the sounds through the holes at the same time, snug enough to provide protection for the weather. Will recommend this product to anyone looking to protect their Nest from the weather elements.”

One Nest User said this about the Silicone Cover

To me, this option makes complete sense. For less than $10 bucks you can protect your doorbell. Cheap and effective, that’s what I’m talking about.

As far as protection for your Google Nest Doorbell, that is all there is to offer to protect it from the elements. If you don’t have a covered porch you can always add one on but that is quite an extensive project for a doorbell.

If you are upgrading your doorbell for safety purposes or if you are looking to beef up the security that you already have, you should check out the Nest Cam Outdoor. It is a great addition to the Google Nest Doorbell.

Nest Cam Outdoor

The Nest Cam Outdoor is one of nest home security systems, that can hook up to your smartphone to give you a live feed of everything going on around your house. This system has the latest features, it will even send you text alerts reporting movement around your house.


One of the main features making this system optimal for home security is the speak option. You are out of town, your phone alerts you that someone is on your property, you check the 24-hour live feed.

Instead of panicking you can speak into the app onto your phone, which is linked to the system. Your voice will be projected over the system scaring the intruder away. Pretty cool!

You can easily record clips and take screenshots of any footage that you see and use it to identify the intruders.


Just like the Google Nest Doorbell, this system is super easy to install. You can mount the cameras anywhere on your house, drill a hole through the wall to connect it to the indoor power.

You can also run a cord along the exterior of the house to connect it to an outside power source. There are installation videos to help you step by step along the process of whichever installation is best for you. 


Video1/3 inch, 3 Megapixel sensor, 8x digital -zoom
CameraUp to 1080p, (1920×1080) At 30 frames per sec.
View130 Degrees (Diagnal)
Night-Vision8 infrared LEDs, with ir-cut filter
AudioSpeaker and Microphone
Operating Temperature-4 to 104 Degrees (Farenheight) -20 to 40 (celcous)
Weather Resistance IP65 Rating (dust tight and water resistant)

Final Thoughts

The Google Nest Doorbell is a great start to updating your home security. It offers a lot of great features that will protect you and your family. Once you have it, you really will want to keep it safe and in working order.

If you are wanting to take the next step, look into the Nest Cam Outdoor. Rather than just having a camera on your front porch you will be able to keep the whole area secure even when you are away.

Related Questions:

What voltage is required for Google Nest Doorbell? Google Nest Doorbell Requires 16v-24 v in order to function. You can find out the voltage of your doorbell by using a multimeter. Touch the probes to the wiring connections of the doorbell to get the voltage reading.

Does Nest security call the police? Your Nest app will alert you first, you can check the camera’s live feed to see what set off the motion sensors. If there is a problem, you can notify the police. If you do not respond to the alert or call, the police will be notified.

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