Can You Set a Nest Hello to Record Only When There is Motion?

Nest Hello

The Nest Hello is a very popular video doorbell system used all across the U.S. This doorbell records security footage of your front porch 24/7 and acts as a high tech for guests to use as well. This device has many great features, such as motion detection alerts that are sent to the mobile device(s) that the doorbell is connected to.

Can you set a Nest Hello to record only when there is motion? You cannot set a Nest Hello to record only when motion is detected. This camera runs always. However, you do have the option to turn the camera off whenever you want. When the camera is off, it will still wake up and work when the doorbell is pressed.

The Nest Hello’s high tech software systems serve as great security systems for homes all over. They are full of all kinds of great security and even luxury features such as motion detection alerts, cloud saving video footage, and the two-way talk feature.

About Nest Hello Recording

The Nest Hello video doorbell system takes continuous video footage of what is going on around your front porch without breaks in recording. This is great because you won’t miss a single thing that may happen in case of a security threat or breach.

This camera always has an eye on what’s happening, no matter the time of day or night.

This camera has plenty of camera features that help you to get the best quality of video too. This little camera has HD Video and HDR which means the clarity of the footage will be clear as day. It also has a 160-degree field of view so you can see anything and everything around your front porch.

If you are worried about being able to see video footage that is recorded at night, you don’t have to be worried. This camera has night vision so that no matter how light or dark it is outside and no matter what time of day or night it is, you can see what is going on clearly!

This camera alerts you whenever it picks up motion or sound on or around your porch that is not normal. These alerts can be sent through email or to your tablet or phone, whichever you set your Nest Hello system to do. You will be alerted immediately anytime there is abnormal activity on your porch.

All of this continuous video footage is stored on your Nest Hello cloud. This footage is stored there and safe from theft, damage, and accessible from anywhere! Even if there is a blackout or your camera is stolen, everything is safe in the cloud and you can access it from your connected devices.

How Does the Nest Hello Detect Motion?

The Nest Hello, as I have stated before, detect motion and alerts you of abnormal and suspicious activity happening on your porch. These alerts go out immediately and straight to your tablet, phone, or email. But, how does it detect this motion and abnormal activity happening on your porch?

This device is quite smart and constantly keeps track of noises and motion on your porch. It keeps an eye on your porch always and takes particular note of when your porch is empty and quiet.

This smart device does this so that it can figure out what your porch is like when dormant. Having this information helps it to know when actual abnormal activity and suspicious activity and noises are detected.

Knowing when best to detect this abnormal motion and noise is what helps your device to only alert you when it is actually necessary.

If your device alerted you whenever it heard any noise anywhere or saw anything move, you would be getting notifications on your phone for suspicious activity when the wind is blowing or an ice cream truck drives by all the way at the street. That, as we can all agree, is unnecessary.

What is the Best Way to Store Your Recorded Video Footage?

The Nest Hello video doorbell is great for many security reasons, but to get the best out of your security device, I would highly recommend spending the few extra bucks to get the Nest Aware subscription package.

The Nest Aware has amazing advanced security features that you can’t get anywhere else and are totally worth the money.

One of my favorite things about the Nest Aware subscription package is the advanced meaningful alerts. The Nest Aware brings a lot more advanced software to the already advanced Nest Hello Doorbell.

This advanced software addition adds features such as person detection alerts, familiar face recognition, and even alerts you WHERE activity is picked up in your camera’s view! These meaningful alerts will help you to better know if activity picked up by your camera is concerning or not.

This advanced software addition also adds another great advanced feature that I think is awesome. With this advanced feature, any streamed video is sent to Nest’s cloud servers where they apply advanced algorithms that can fine-tune your camera’s motion and sound detection services.

The Nest Aware system also makes it so that you can store your video footage for up to 30 days, depending on which monthly subscription you get.

They have three packages: a $5/month package that comes with 5-day video history storage, a $10/month package that comes with 10-day video history storage, or a $30/month package that comes with 30-day video history storage.

I would Highly recommend getting the 30-day storage package because you will have plenty of time to go through all of your video footage if necessary, but any of these packages are totally worth it and inexpensive to purchase.

Related Questions:

How long does the Nest camera record? The Nest Hello records security footage of your front porch 24/7. This video footage is stored on the cloud for up to 30 days before it is automatically deleted to make room for new footage to be saved on the cloud service.

Does the Nest Hello record audio? The audio is recorded only if you have a Nest Aware subscription. With this, audio is recorded with the video footage only when the microphone is turned on. If the microphone is turned off, the audio is not streamed nor recorded. You must have a Nest Aware subscription and the microphone turned on if you would like the audio to be recorded with the video footage.

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