How Many Codes Can You Have on the Nest X Yale Lock?

Nest X Yale LockI was looking into purchasing the Nest X Yale lock, which allows users to set multiple pass-codes, and I wondered how many would be the limit. So, I did a little research to find out.

So, how many codes can you have on the Nest X Yale Lock? The owner of the lock can only set 20 pass-codes (including their own master code) per each home or building on your Nest App. At this time users can only have up to three homes per Nest account. So at most, users can have 60 different passcodes divided among 3 locations.

I thought that was pretty crazy because that could mean 20 different people can access a location and the owner of the lock can monitor each time a different code is entered. So, they can know exactly who is entering that building and when.

How to set multiple codes on for the Nest X Yale Lock

Nest is a smart device producer meaning that they have a long product line of smart devices that are made to integrate with one another. Because they want everything to function smoothly, they have an excellent app where users can manage all their smart devices, adjust settings, and monitor the device and its usage.

To set multiple codes for the Nest X Yale Lock, users simply need to download the Nest app once they buy their lock and set up their lock with the app.

Once that is done and the lock is installed, the owner of the lock can go to settings and change specific things about the Nest X Yale lock including adding multiple pass-codes for multiple people.

Every person that is going to use the pin pad is issued a unique passcode

The Pin Pad

Talk about the pitfalls about the pin pad not showing up for users, frustraiting user error, but also protects from burgulars.

Why Multiple Codes?


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