How To Change Wifi On Ring Doorbell

Ring doorbells are one of the most popular smart devices in the world right now. You would be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t have one, or hasn’t seen one before.

Those light tones of the door bell ringing are easily recognized across the globe.

How To Change Wifi On Ring Doorbell

The beauty of the Ring doorbell is that you can speak to visitors, gain video recordings of interactions and movements outside of your home, and talk to those ringing the doorbell even when you’re not at home. 

This can give you the ultimate level of security for your property and your family. Ring doorbells are actually pretty easy to set up too, and only take a few minutes to get started.

But, if you already have one set up, and you’re unsure how to change those initial settings, we can help you out. 

If you’re unsure how to change the Wifi settings on your Ring doorbell, we can show you in this guide, and answer some of your questions. 

About Ring Doorbells

Ring doorbells are taking the world by storm. With so many to choose from, and options for wired or wireless doorbells, you can improve your home security whichever way you like. 

These doorbells run off of the Wi-Fi in your home, and allow you to see what is happening around your front door at any time of the day or night.

If you are not home, and someone rings the doorbell, you can speak to them to tell them that you are not there, or that you’re on the way home, or let a delivery person know where they can leave your package. 

It just makes you feel so much safer in your home, and allows you to communicate and video record anyone that visits your front door.

All you have to do is connect it up to your smartphone, and you can interact with visitors, watch the area around your home, and record anything that you want to for security and safety purposes.

To get started, you just need to set up the Ring doorbell on your home Wi-Fi, and it will record automatically and store videos online. 

How To Change Wifi On Ring Doorbell

If you already have a Ring doorbell setup, then you may have forgotten how to change the settings depending on how long you have had the doorbell. As we mentioned, Ring doorbells are connected to your home Wi-Fi, and will not work without it.

So, if you change your Wi-Fi provider, you will need to update and set up the new Wi-Fi on your Ring doorbell, or it will simply say that you are ‘disconnected’ until you do, and no recordings will be made. 

To change the Wi-Fi on your Ring doorbell, there are a few simple steps that you need to take.

If you are changing the Wi-Fi on your Ring devices such as a camera, then you can simply change the wifi on the settings and update it, but for some Ring devices such as doorbells, it is a little more complicated. 

The first step is to click onto your Ring application on your smartphone. You will need your email address and password in order to log in.

If you do not have the app, or have deleted it from your phone, you can download it from the Apple App Store, or the Google Play store, depending on which operating system your phone has. 

Then, select your Ring Doorbell from the homepage. You will need to find the button that looks like a cog or a bolt to get to the settings. 

This button will take you to the settings page. The next step is to select ‘Device Health’. From there, you will see options such as Power Source, Battery Level, Signal Strength, and the Network Name that it is currently set to. This may show the old Wi-Fi name. 

Then, select ‘Change Wi-Fi Network’. Then, it will reconnect the device, and ask you if you are near the device.

The Ring doorbell will then enter setup mode, and you will need to input the new information such as Wi-Fi name, and password in the same way you would set up a wifi connection on your phone. 

Some devices will ask you to scan the code on the back of the doorbell or doorbell box in order to enter setup mode and change the WiFi, so ensure that you are home or near the doorbell in order to alter the settings. 

Once selected, you will need to let your Doorbell connect for a few moments, and it should be up and running in no time. If you are having issues, follow the instructions on the Ring doorbell app, and speak to a Ring advisor for assistance and troubleshooting. 

How To Reset A Ring Doorbell

If you are having trouble using your Ring doorbell, or changing the settings, then you can perform a hard reset. To do so, you will need to undo the screws and take the Ring doorbell from its mount.

Remove the faceplate, and you should be able to see the back of the Ring doorbell, as if you were going to charge it (if it is battery powered).

Then, you will see the setup button, just below the back of the camera. You should see an orange colored button available. 

The next step is to hold down the orange button for around 20-30 seconds, and once you let go and release it, the front of the doorbell should flash a couple of times. This is how you know that the Ring doorbell is resetting and restarting. 

Then, you can set up your Ring doorbell as normal, as if it is a brand new device by following the steps in your Ring application on your smartphone. 

Final Thoughts

To summarize, if you have a Ring doorbell, and you need to update the Wi-Fi settings, it is really simple.

All you have to do is head over to your Ring application on your phone, find the device, and ‘Change Wi-Fi Settings’. This should allow you to add a new Wi-Fi connection that your Ring devices can run off of.

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