Is Nest Guard Compatible with Alexa?

Nest Guard

Being able to connect your home security devices to your smart devices has been something that really has increased lately. We know that Google Home works with Nest, but does Alexa? Alexa is from the company called Amazon, while Nest is owned by Google, let’s find out.

Is Nest Guard compatible with Alexa? When trying to connect your smart devices to Nest Guard, it is possible for you to be able to pair your Alexa with Nest in general. It’s a newer collaboration between companies since Alexa is Amazon and Nest is Google, but at this time, it doesn’t work with the Guard.

I want to dive into the ways that you can hook your device to Alexa, as well as how this was able to happen between the two companies, especially since they always seem to be in competition. So, read on!

How Do You Connect Your Guard to Alexa?

Nest has really been working hard to be able to connect with all sort of smart home devices, and now with being able to connect to Alexa, they certainly have an advantage. But how are you supposed to connect Alexa to your Guard?

It’s simple really, all you have to do is tell Alexa to discover your devices. By saying this, Alexa should already start looking for the Nest devices that you have around your home. But, does that work with Guard?

Unfortunately, Alexa won’t connect to Guard because they haven’t set up that connection yet. Alexa mostly works with the Nest Thermostat and Nest Camera.

With the camera option, you’re able to check the different camera feeds that you have set up around the house and make sure everything’s good.

There’s still that option to be able to move forward and have Alexa work with those two devices, but as for connecting directly to your Nest Guard, that just isn’t available quite yet.

What Happens if You Can’t Connect your Guard to Alexa?

Don’t worry if you’re unable to get this connection to work, because you’re not the only one. There’s not a full connection set up with your devices and Alexa just yet, but that is still being worked on.

As stated before, you can still connect a couple of Nest devices with this Amazon device. Nest was and is currently aware of the popularity of devices such as Alexa, so they couldn’t pass up to the opportunity to move with it.

Since this is still fairly new, being only a couple years old, there’s definitely some work that’s going to need to be done before they get that technology all figured out and secured so you can fully connect your all your devices to Alexa.

The fact that these two companies were able to put aside their differences and agree to work together for the safety of homes is something that I think is great. There’s definitely going to be something great that will come out of this in order to make sure that you’re more secure than ever before.

Google and Amazon have always been at each other, trying to create the best devices in order to have the safest homes. To me, it only makes sense that Alexa wouldn’t connect with all of Nest’s features in the beginning. It’s a process of trust.

Just thinking of what they can do now makes me really hopeful for the future of smart homes and of Alexa and Nest. With these two companies, I’m sure that we can create one of the safest smart homes.

What is the Benefit of Connecting Alexa?

Just like with any other smart home device, the benefit is simply being able to go about your day in your home or otherwise and know that you’re going to get notified, or that you can change things as well with a simple voice command.

There’s a new thing called Alexa Guard that allows Alexa to listen for things that may be happening around your home when you’re gone and then send a notification to your phone.

This is something that they recently integrated, and something that could definitely lead to connecting with Nest Guard.

Much like the Google Home or Google Assistant, you’re able to connect to it and to use a command to either turn up the temperature or to turn it down. It’s also able to view your different Nest Camera feeds, which is something that’s definitely helpful if you’re unsure of what’s going on.

Let’s say for instance that you’re washing dishes and so your arms are covered in soapy water, but your home is cold, and you want to turn the temperature up, when your Alexa is connected to your thermostat, you can simply say “Alexa turn my thermostat up to 72 degrees.”

Or you can turn it down, that’s something that I think is very beneficial, especially if you’re a mother that’s taking care of children or something that requires both of your hands.

One concern that people may have when working with devices from companies that listen to voice commands is the fact that they might be listening the whole time and take the data that they’ve collected and move it to different companies.

With Nest, that’s definitely not the case. Nest is operated by a company called Alphabet, which is a little suburb of Google, but they are strictly in charge of the data of Nest. Therefore, the data will be staying with who it started: you.

What Else Can I Use in Order to Have My Home Secure?

Since Nest Guard doesn’t necessarily work with Alexa yet, you can still have a smart home. You might just have to end up taking a Google Assistant and using that to connect everything to your home.

It’s not Alexa, but it’s still something, and that’s more than you can ask for. There’s a lot of benefit to having Google Assistant within your home when working with the Nest system, mostly because there are more commands that you can do, simply because these two devices are within the same company.

If this is still an option that you want, you can use Alexa for your thermostat and cameras, while Google is in charge of your Guard system. That seems a little more hectic, but it’s an option that you can choose if you still prefer to use Alexa.

But the most important thing that you can do in order to keep your home safe is to be sure that everything is locked and secured before you leave, and even while you’re in the home. You don’t have to have a smart home to have a “smart” home.

Just be sure to find out what you can do, and if there’s anything that’s going on around the neighborhood and such, neighbors are something very helpful if there’s something that’s off in the neighborhood. So, never push those relationships to the side.

Although this didn’t really help with connecting Nest Guard with Amazon’s Alexa, this has given you some tips in regards what else you’re wanting to do to keep your home safe, and that’s something that can make the difference.

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Does the Nest Lock work with Alexa? In regards to being able to have the Nest Lock work with Alexa, you would have to have the Nest x Yale lock, and that would cost a little more, especially if you need the Nest Connect. Once this has been established though, the lock does indeed work with Alexa.

Does Alexa work with the Nest Doorbell? In a way, you can access the camera feed from the doorbell with your Amazon Alexa, but you need the Show, or the Spot in order to be able to view the feed that’s coming from your doorbell. This is accessed through the Nest Camera feature that Alexa is able to use.

Can I connect my Ring Doorbell to Alexa? With the option to have Ring and Alexa learn the skill to connect, yes, you are able to use your Ring Doorbell with Alexa as well as other Ring products. It honestly depends on the company that you’re working with in the first place.

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