What Company Owns Ring Doorbell?

Recently my family purchased a Ring Doorbell, and I was wondering what company owns Ring Doorbell? Well, I have done some research on the company that owns Ring Doorbell, and I would like to share that with you.

What company owns Ring doorbell? The Ring Doorbell company is owned by Amazon. Originally created and showcased on the show Shark Tank, Amazon took a liking to the creator and product, buying the company from him in 2018. Ring supports the Alexa and Echo products that are sold by Amazon, making a safer home and helping Amazon move forward with more opportunities.

Have you wondered how Ring got its start, or how it protects your home? Perhaps you’ve wondered how Ring could affect your community? Well, fear not, we aren’t finished yet. The answers you seek are just below.

How Did Ring Get Their Start

In 2013, the inventor of the Ring doorbell–Jamie Siminoff–brought what at the time was originally called ‘Doorbot’ to the show Shark Tank in hopes of getting someone to back his invention and his company. Unfortunately, none of the ‘Sharks’ wanted to assist, so Siminoff went to the basics.

Little did he know that he was attracting the attention of Amazon, a site we are all too familiar with. In 2018, Amazon purchased Ring for $1.1 billion. Since then, they have had a 97 percent share of being the most sold doorbell in the United States.

Since inventing the doorbell, Siminoff has continued to work and develop on more items that can protect your home and your family. Floodlights, alarms, stick up cams, and the RingTV are all products that have come forth from this single idea of being able to safely check your door.

Jamie talks about how his wife was really the one who helped to solidify the idea of a video doorbell, it made her feel safer and more comfortable since she was able to know who was at the door without even having to be close to it. He had been working in the garage and wasn’t able to hear the bell, so she would have to be the one to see who was at the door, thus causing some potential anxiety.

The big thing for Jamie was that he wanted to make sure that his wife was safe and that his home was too. Being able to spread a product like that around has helped the community. Now with the help of Amazon and the addition of Alexa and the Echo Dot, there’s other ways that you can help protect your home with a doorbell notification.

Now, homes have become safer, and the Ring doorbell has even caught a few people on camera who have tried to steal packages from the doorsteps. One of the many things that Ring does is help in any way that they can within the community.

Since starting off from this Doorbot to becoming something that people trust and know in their homes has certainly taken a lot of work. If your Ring device was to ever get stolen, once reported to the police, Ring will send you another–free for replacement.

Ring has continued to blossom in the community. Being able to provide the comfort that you need in your own home. With the other options, and for a low price, you’re able to secure your home and add more devices. In a way, you’re able to be sure that every entrance is accounted for and that your home is doing just fine.

How Does Ring Make My Community Safer?

When Jamie was making this product, he was thinking about how to make others safe as well. That’s why this has been so great with the things that they have developed to coincide with the device.

One of the things that you’re able to get a hold of is the Ring App, this allows you to be able to see what is causing motion in front of your door or even in the backyard. With the addition to the tab called ‘Neighbors’, you are able to find out the things that are going on in your community and the potential dangers that could be close to home.

This form of communication and information has made the communities who use this even safer. LAPD has said that there has been a decrease in crime since people have gotten the Ring Doorbell or any of its other devices. It has been able to record the time, date, items, and even the descriptions of cars or the people that came and took the packages on doorsteps.

There have been many YouTube videos of people who have been able to see those who were taking their items and to have them clearly identified and arrested. Another man had invented a similar thing, but it was a fake package.

The package contained 4 smartphones that would record whenever the top of the box was lifted off, and then, the glitter would shoot out from a fan that was inside. To top that off, they would spray a can that smelled like body odor every thirty seconds.

Although that example is extreme, Ring has a way of basically achieving the same thing, just less sparkly and stinky. By having this, you may also be able to see things that are happening with your neighbors if you have the camera set in the right place.

You can help those around you who may be leaving for a weekend or so, and keep an eye on their belongings all from work, school, or even your own vacation. There’s nothing that’s going to stop your home from being watched with this service.

This is a wonderful way to be able to understand that there are many ways you can help out in the community.

With the ability to record the interactions and movement that is in front of the camera, you will be able to provide evidence–if needed–for the identification of the person that may have come and disturbed your home.

If you’re a concerned parent, you obviously would want to make sure that your children make it home safely from school. With Ring, you’re able to see if they did or didn’t. You’re able to know what time and to see who is with them. In a crazy world, this brings peace.

You are also able to talk through the device to those that are in sight of the camera, as well as set off a siren when someone may not be doing the right thing.

What Are The Benefits Of This Device?

The benefits of this device are very straightforward. By owning this device, you’re able to see your surroundings and protect them even when you’re not at home. This was one of the main reasons why Jamie had created it in the first place, because of the caution of his wife.

Imagine how different things would be if something as incredible as this device didn’t exist.

If you’re an Amazon Alexa person, you can make it so that she will give you a doorbell alert while you’re inside. This Ring device was made so that not only could the property you own be kept safe, but also the family you love inside could be kept safe.

Another benefit is that when you’ve experienced something unfortunate or alarming, you’re able to have a record of that wherever you are if you have the app, or use the website. That way, you’re able to feel secure if anything was to happen to your home while you were away.

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Did Shark Tank turn down Ring? Kevin O’Leary was the only one of the Sharks to offer anything to Jamie, but what he offered wasn’t what Jamie was looking for with starting his company.

Does Ring Doorbell require a monthly fee? The Basic service costs $3 a month or $30 a year, while the Protect service costs $10 a month or $100 a year with unlimited Ring devices.

Does Google own Ring? Google does not own Ring, but they do own the home security system called Nest, which in turn is the biggest competition that Ring has and that keeps growing.

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